VIP Area

Profit Sharing vips has return on the Allky transactions
Decision Power vips help the project with opinions and voting in polls that help define our future
Discounts and Promotions VIPs have exclusive discounts and promotions on services and products on the platform
Passive Incomes VIPs have more passive income sources than regular users


VIPs in addition to exclusive bonuses also have the power to vote on the project, which means that the demands of the ALLKY project will also count on the opinion and vote of this council. Here are the necessary steps:

Have a Account

you need a account in the ALLKY with minimum of 2 months lifetime

Have a Minimum Income

You need to have at least 5000000 aky on the platform for 3 months without exit's movement. Not exclusively on masternode or holds

Join the Platform

You must have placed at least 1000 trades or bets at allky

Be Approved

the board has to approve you by evaluating your participation in the project