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Send, Receive, Earn and Use Various Cryptocurrencies

Discover the world of cryptocurrencies with Allky


An easy way of trade several criptocurrencies


Bet on different kids of market with criptocurrencies


Earn criptocurrencies with holding, masternodes and more

Send, Receive, Earn and Use Various Cryptocurrencies

At allky you can send, receive and store various cryptocurrencies securely, in addition to trading and betting
Send, Receive, Earn and Use Various Cryptocurrencies

+ 6170 Users

More than 6170 users trust in Allky

16 Active Markets

We have actualy 16 active markets in our trade

26 Bet Options

In our betting we have 26 active options

273 days lifetime

The allky has been online for 273 days

Simple, fast, complete and secure

We offers users a fully operational multi-platform. It plans to leverages blockchain technology to ensure seamless digital experience.


A Simple, Fast, secure and strong system!

We can define what Allky is as a blockchain ecosystem for various services wrapped in cryptocurrencies, a token that powers this and the company responsible. Created in 2022 by the combination of two active projects in the market, the company brings a baggage of market knowledge and technology.

Allky also has its own crypto asset: the Allky Token (AKY).

Allky's mission is to bring ease, security and knowledge to the whole world. At Allky, you have access to a platform with several services

Allky is as a blockchain platform for various services wrapped in cryptocurrencies


Build your portfolio and cryptocurrencies at allky

Store, access, send and receive crypto assets. Quickly start and use your portfolio from computer or smartphone.

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Allky has its own blockchain, verifying and confirming all actions

All actions in our ecosystem are verified and confirmed by its own blockchain. You can see the blocks accessing our explorer


At allky you can trade, bet, play and much more


we use modern technologies to ensure a safe environment

Explore endless possibilities with Allky

in the allky ecosystem you have fun, bet and trade.

Allky is as a blockchain platform for various services wrapped in cryptocurrencies


One token for many utilities

The allky token was created to empower our ecosystem and bring several utilities in an integrated space with trade, bet, investments, learning and creation space and much more. the token was made on the BSC network but its biggest movement is on our internal blockchain.

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Frequently asked questions

when you are not logged in the entire site appears buttons for you to log in / register, just click on one of them and fill out a simple form that asks only for username, email and password.

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KYC means “Know Your Customer.” It describes the process of verifying the identity of (new) customers.
As allky is bound by the privacy of its users, we do not ask for any information other than your email.

You can Click here to recovery your password.
On the login screen has a link to this page as well.

No, in addition to the minimum value applied to each asset there is also a limit according to the user's rank, the higher the level, the higher its limit.
Click here and learn more about the allky rank system

Through our affiliate system you can earn a percentage of all fees paid by your referral, this percentage changes according to your user's rank, so the higher your level the more you earn

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