2 projects came together to create the future of the digital world

Allky is the junction of two old projects (reibit and crypto fanatics), with the union of the two teams in a single token, allky is on its way to being the best utilities platform

Discover the world of cryptocurrencies with Allky


An easy way of trade several criptocurrencies


Bet on different kids of market with criptocurrencies


Earn criptocurrencies with holding, masternodes and more

Send, Receive, Earn and Use Various Cryptocurrencies

At allky you can send, receive and store various cryptocurrencies securely, in addition to trading and betting

Simple, fast, complete and secure

We offers users a fully operational multi-platform. It plans to leverages blockchain technology to ensure seamless digital experience.

Whitepaper Our Token

Our own blockchain!

All actions in the ALLKY ecosystem are verified and confirmed by its own blockchain. You can access blocks of transactions or services by accessing our explorer

Secured by design
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Multi crypto wallet: store, access, send and receive more than 7 crypto assets

Quickly, practically and safely, start and use your portfolio from computer or smartphone Create your account


create or join a p2p order with people from all over the world using AKY, BNB, USDT, DOGE and we broker it to bring security and transparency.

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The world of betting ia bigger and bigger every day and at Allky platform you can bet on different kids of market. Since footbal championships until criptocurrency market.

Bet in Football

predict game results and earn cryptocurrencies

Bet in Criptos prices

predict if cryptocurrency prices will go up or down in the next 1 hour

Bet in Lottery

pick a lucky number in daily and weekly lotteries

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TThere are several ways to earn assets such as saving coins to earn interest, creating a masternode, creating a referral link, or stake.


earn with full, shared or rented Masternodes


Freeze amounts and receive interest percentage

Referer Link

invite a friend and earn 1% to 10% of all your transactions


Earn passive income by leaving your coins in your wallet

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play games in your browser and earn cryptos

Wheel of Fortune

Get a free spin daily and compete for prizes in AKY, USDT and BNB. With each spin you also win 1 ticket to compete in our lottery.

Exclusive Lottery

Weekly accumulative lottery by ticket system. Believe in your luck and participate!

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Vip Area

fulfill the requirements to become a VIP at ALLKY and unlock an exclusive panel

Extra reward

Vips users receive a extra amount based on platform profits

Opinion votes

Participate in decisions that guide our future


Discuss the market, ideas, and more with top investors

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Web Radio

That's right, ALLKY has an exclusive web radio, with live DJs and surprise airdrops


On Allky's radio it plays all genres from A to Z

Instant lyrics

for each song, its lyrics are displayed below


During the live program there will be airdrops on the platform

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